10 Latest Gold Chain Designs

10 Latest Gold Chain Designs, When we are talking about the gold ornaments, obviously it does not need any special occasion to buy it. Having gold jewellery is a symbol of high status, and it is always being loved by both men and women. Obviously it is not possible to wear heavy jewellery all the time, but for those who love to wear gold can wear lightweight gold chains all the time, which look elegant and stunning on both male and female. Let’s discuss some of the stylish gold chain designs to be worn on every day.

1: Simple Gold Chain

10 Latest Gold Chain Designs
10 Latest Gold Chain Designs

A simple gold chain adds the glamour to the look and go with all the outfits. It can be worn with multiple chains to form a layered look, or any simple or colourful pendant can be added to it to enhance its beauty.

2: Flat Gold Chain:

10 Latest Gold Chain Designs

A flat gold chain has its own beauty, and it does not need any pendant to make it obvious and looks very charming by just wearing on its own and alone, and easily grab the attention towards itself.

3: Delicate Twirl Design Gold Chain:

10 Latest Gold Chain Designs

For young girls, especially for college-going, this is the suitable and best design for daily wear. It is slightly below the collar bone, which prominent the neck and gives a very sleek and chic look.

4: Twisted Style Gold Chain

10 Latest Gold Chain Designs

Twisted gold chains are strong and a bit expensive but because of their well-built structure, it prevents the breakages and loss of elasticity. This design is more durable and looks impressive and stone pendants.

5: Figaro Link Gold Chain

10 Latest Gold Chain Designs

It’s another style of gold chain, in which the smaller links are attached with long links. It has a flattering style, mostly it is the point of attention by men, but women do like to wear it too. It gives the sassy look when worn by western dresses.

6: Gold Balls Chain

The beaded gold chain is an evergreen style to be worn with pendent or separately. Obvious it is clear with its name that it comprises of gold balls, attached together. It goes with all the outfits, looks splendid when it is worn with pendant, but if someone wants to wear it alone, they should go for a large beaded chain, it makes it looks more manifest.

7: Gold Chain with Attached floral Pendant Design

It is a beautiful chain serving the purpose of a neckless too. It has lightweight flower style pendant attached to it, can be worn in simple gatherings or in small parties with matching earrings.

8: Gold and Silver Chain Together

This style of the gold chain has both tones of gold and silver. In can be in different style, with customized weightage, either thick or thin as one prefer wearing. These gold chains are combined with silver chains, in deferent styles intimating casual appearance, not too gaudy yet earthy looks. This fabulous combination of gold and silver go well with casual dressing in daily wear.

9: Gold Chain with Small Pearls

Pearls are a symbol of royalty and grace for ages and women’s love for them are eternal. Delicate gold chains with small pearl look so elegant are graceful for formal wear.

10: Layered Gold Chain

Simple style lightweight combined gold strings gives very casual looks. It can be customized in size, either short or can belong too. The long layered gold chains go perfect with western wear and gives a stylish look.

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