15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

A very popular and essential event of marriage is Mehndi. This event has spread love and made everyone happy. The families of the bride and groom go to their homes and place the mehndi in their hands. In Pakistan, most families make this event so beautiful by playing music, games and much more. Everybody wants to wear nice dresses. So here are the latest designs of the Mehndi Dresses that make you so inspiring. Beautiful designs of lehnga, choli, kurta, Kurti, sharara, and much more.15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

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1# Short Gota Embroidery Kurta

The short kurta with gota is one of the most elegant styles for girls. This gota Kinari Mehndi dress is super hit and very famous on the mehndi function. The pajamas downstairs also look amazing. This color combination is also amazing. Girls can look beautiful wearing this beautiful stylish outfit.

2# Red Embroidery Shalwar Kamees

Shalwar Kamees is our national dress. Every season, every event, this dress is always green. The last woman shalwar kameez having the color red and beautiful embroidery of yarn. The heavy embroidery and simple pajamas are much more impressive. This is the latest trend in Pakistan for girls. These simple styles of shalwar kamees are wonderful and perfectly suited for wedding functions.

15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

3# Purple Pink Lehnga Frock

The new frock form lehnga is much more beautiful and popular now. The purple color lehnga with a combination of pink choli is good now. The style of lehenga long dress is very amazing. The Pakistani style lehenga is very beautiful and perfectly suitable for weddings.15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

4# Purple Orange Lehnga Chunari

This year, the style of a combination of orange and purple colors is very famous. Embroidery heavy lehnga pink and orange shafon chuni are much more impressive. This wedding dress of the best combination of colors.

15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

5# Simple Long frock

The recent year, the trendy style is a simple long dress in purple color. Pakistan’s mehndi lehnga purple is now very valuable. The long and simple dress is an incredible style for girls. It looks great in the winter too. This style is perfect for a mehndi event.

6 # Kamees Shalwar imprimés

In Pakistan, the printed Shalwar Kamees are very dressed in summer. The famous brand launches a great collection in the summer season with the latest impressions. Yellow Mehndi Shalwar Kameez is also famous at an event held in Pakistan. These casual salwar kameez styles are a very hostel for the winter and summer seasons.15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

7# Orange and Multishades Shirts

The churani orange and multishades shirts are one of the latest trends in mehndi in Pakistan. To Mayon and Mehndi, one of the girls ‘ favorite clothes. Orange colored contrasting dresses remain popular this year. Various color combinations such as purple, pink, yellow, green and red are the best combinations with orange this year.

8# Jamawar Lehnga Mehndi Dress

As we know, lehnga is one of the major styles of bridal wear. Jamawar lehenga choli for mehndi is very popular these days. Brides want to wear embroidery heavy
Jamawar lehenga for the wedding. So, the ready style is very attractive and wears a lot of styles now per day.

9# Navy Blue Velvet Long Lehnga

Navy blue is one of the catchy styles of wives and girls nowadays. The long lehnga Velvet with silver embroidery is very elegant. Heavy embroidery looks decent and perfect for girls. Lehenga navy blue is much more attractive now.

15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

10# Bell Embroidery Pink Lehnga

Pink is the girls ‘ favorite color. On every function they want to wear, pink dresses with attractive make-up. Nowadays, the pink lehenga bride is one of the best choices with silver embroidery. The Shape of the bell and the silver embroidery are very attractive for weddings. The bride in the styles of lehenga rose for the event mehndi is highly recommended.

11# Yellow Maxi Shirt

Another trend in vogue in a yellow maxi shirt. A yellow dress is highly recommended due to traditional values. On event Mayon, this color would not be ignored. So, all the girls want to wear a pretty yellow wedding dress. SEE ALSO Best yellow Shalwar Kameez,
Yellow Mehendi Saree for wedding, yellow dress suit.

15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

12# Yellow Lehnga

In the years to come, the style of event Mayon is confused with the mehndi event. Thus, at the mehndi event, the yellow bride lehenga is this year’s favorite style. Kurt red and chuni and lehnga embroidered in yellow is very trendy. Girls can look so attractive with beautiful style and jewelry in this dress.

13# White and Pink Long Frock

The long white and pink dress is also one of today’s favorite creations. The prints of pink flowers on white fabrics are amazing. The new design of the long dress can make girls happier. So, one of the best attractive designs is here. A long pattern of pink color is superb.

15 Latest Designs of Mehndi Dresses

14# Simple Red Color Saree for mehndi

On the mehndi event, Red becomes the favorite color. Simple Red Saree is one of the best port styles for ladies nowadays. So, all women prefer to wear this style to be beautiful. Fashion Mehndi is changing and a new color combination is introduced. So, this is fashionable and the best models of mehndi dresses.

15# Short and Long Maxi

The long maxi is newly introduced for the wedding function. Maxi printed long and beautiful is now very elegant at events. Girls mostly like to wear these patterns. The beautiful color and copies are remarkable and totally stunning.

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