Friday , March 27 2020


itching, redness, skin rashes. Irritation, burning, tingling. These symptoms may seem similar and reactions to beauty products are not uncommon. How do I know if you’re dealing with allergic or sensitive skin.Brides love French for reasons we don’t know. Wedding manicure in the summer? French. Wedding manicure in winter? French.

Boring! We’ve collected some very good ideas about nail art, which looks interesting and modern. And some of them can be made by yourself, sitting at home.This manicure was made with lacquer gel and rubbing, so it will hold on to the honeymoon. If you are not a fan of resistant coatings, find an ordinary varnish of similar hue, they are filled with different marks and beauty products.

Shiny skin, stacked eyebrows and dark green tuxedos with shimmering are a classic make-up, except for the luminous Mandarin accent on the mucous line. We decided to make lips also in warm scales, but already less juicy.In summer, we want more bright colors in clothes and makeup.

In the selection, you will find both juicy versions of summer makeup and classic brown charbonneux eyes with a highlight in the form of an orange flotation line. Discover these summer makeup tips.Get your combed and dyed eyebrows with shadow gel to fix the shape.

Work the mucous line of the eye with a black pencil, including the inner corner. The tip of the arrow leads to the temple and develops slightly. Don’t forget to work through the crease of the upper eyelid to make the make-up whole.

Spread your eyelashes carefully-this is the case when a generous layer of mascara doesn’t hurt. The lips can be left neutral or accentuated with a transparent sheen.