Friday , March 27 2020


You need to know about, from recommendations on the best beauty products to makeup tips and easy hairstyles. We have you covered with expert-backed picks for the best drugstore beauty buys and luxury items that are worth the splurge, plus tips on how to care for your specific skin or hair type. Whether you want to recreate a celebrity makeup look or find out the best new beauty brands or which new skincare gadgets will clear up your acne, our resident beauty obsessives will give you the 411 on the latest trends in eye makeup, lipsticks, nail polish colors, hair tools and more. In 2018, the least we can say is that it was difficult to follow because things were changing so much! It was quite overwhelming and this steady stream of new products could have caused some consumer fatigue.

The beauty industry will, therefore, have to be more inventive in 2019 if it wants to continue seducing its audience. Customization will also be a keyword this year, with consumers wanting products that look like them.

Indeed, while trends such as inclusion and diversity have certainly marked 2018, they will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2019, as will a genuine desire for beauty that is more respectful of the environment.

Bridal Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Bridal Front Hand Mehndi Designs, Mehndi is an excellent hand ornament for weddings. Every bride awaits her wedding and mehndi forms an important part of the dress on the wedding day. Mehndi’s beautiful designs take a long time to manufacture, but they look equally beautiful and add beauty to the …

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Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

Mehndi or henna, as they are known, are made of henna leaves and, when dried, the colour of the leaves on the skin in the exact form that was applied to the skin. Mehndi’s designs help make your hands look beautiful and add beauty to the whole set. Mehndi has …

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Simple Mehendi Designs for Any Special Occasion

Mehendi is a simple thing that enhances the beauty of your hands. Most of these days feel like it’s so old school. Well, I mean, the old school maybe, but to date, nothing has been introduced that can embellish your hands like this. Mehndi is your only available art option …

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Latest Rose Mehndi Designs Of 2020

It is undeniable that beautiful floral design can make something beautiful. But one of the floral motifs that dominates the charts is the king and Queen of flowers, the rose! The world’s most famous flower has found a favorite place among millions of fans of mehndi artists! If there is …

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Fabulous Mehndi Designs

in this article, we have shown you the beautiful mehndi designs for brides, every woman wishes to look more beautiful on her special day. Mehndi on hand plays an important role to look stunning. Mehndi designs have many variations in bridal look. some brides like mehndi designs up to their …

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Latest Finger Mehndi Design

Elegant finger mehndi designs are on-demand worldwide. The looks of the hands are especially prominent in a woman’s personality. Here we are going to list many finger mehndi designs. They will adapt to women according to their choice and desire. if you like any of these designs, please keep visiting …

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