Friday , March 27 2020


Whether you are the kind of person to paint their nails as personal care or someone who constantly picks and bites their cuticles, we all aspire to healthy, perfectly maintained nails. We talked to nail care experts to find out exactly what you should do for your nails – but first, How do you know if your nails are healthy? This is what we need to look for.

There’s something really satisfying about looking at a set of perfectly groomed nails. We spend most of our time typing on keyboards and tapping on phones to ensure that our hands are inevitably the parts of ourselves that we see the most during the day. So, of course, finding the perfect color, formula, and tools to make your manicure amazing and last is essential. When your nails are polished, you feel polished.

Whether you’re an aficionado at home, we’re here to help you choose the best nail products for a perfect manicure. For the Allure Best Of Beauty Awards 2019, our editors have tested hundreds of varnishes, bases, finishing coats and more, to give you the best care. We found the reds, pinks, and blues that attract the most attention. A simple but striking tone, in addition to a neutral and Creamy Tint that suits all skin types.

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