Thursday , March 26 2020


We could predict that. That’s why I never jumped on that train. It’s messy, dry and ineffective in skincare. Yes, it is good to use it with stomach pumping if someone (or your dog) eats poison – but this does not translate into pores. And yes, its use with gastric lavage is probably the reason why charcoal had traction in skincare in the first place – in the opinion of my doctor, of course, of the world.

According to your callers, a skin care routine can represent a million different things. Does he occasionally wear an anti-acne mask? Line up all your expensive 18 serums for the perfect #shelfie? Read and understand in some way the manual of a list of ingredients on each product? Or do you carefully apply enough prescription cream to calm down a psoriasis patch without feeling too greasy?

The truth is, of course, that this can be all of the above – and every skin-care routine is necessarily as unique and individual as the person following it (or trying to do it anyway). But as skin care became more trendy and its definition became broader, it became a little more intimidating and confusing for a beginner to get involved.


LOVE USING HOME REMEDIES FOR SKINCARE? MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT MAKING THESE MISTAKES! Love using home remedies for skin care make sure you’re not making these mistakes! A good recipe for DIY beauty is always tempting, so you end up making a guinea pig out of yourself and testing it. …

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15 Of The Best Face Creams For Women

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by the endless choices you face when choosing a moisturizer? Your skin is your largest organ, and proper skin care plays an important role in maintaining your health and youth. If you’re not a fan of opacity, acne, or wrinkles, hydration is a step …

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Tested 8 Crazy Beauty Life Hacks

Bloggers use all kinds of tricks to make the process of applying makeup easier and cheaper. They use cutlery, cosmetics for children and even construction materials such as duct tape. Sometimes these things look completely unreal, but do they realy work ? 1. Creating the perfect tone Life Hack: it …

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7 Magical Ways To Enlarge Your Eyes With Makeup

Why enlarge your eyes? It can be a little feminine whim and an effort to make the appearance wider, more open and more comfortable. It can also be a physiological necessity when, for example, the eyes are planted too close to each other, making them look smaller. Whatever the reason …

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10 Best Nail Polish Shades For Fair Skin

Painting your nails is a fun way to add a touch of color to your life and outfit. But sometimes choosing a nail color can be confusing because there are many things to consider. “Will this color fit me?Or do i feel like Applying orange this week?”We’ve all been there, …

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The Best Lipstick Colors For Your Skin Tone

There’s this shadow you love. It is a deep maroon, with blue shades: dress Deepika to use exactly the same tone. However, he has now spent a considerable amount on acquiring this tone, but it simply does not suit him so well. Why? Let us explain. The color of your …

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