Easy 5 Minute Hairstyles For Long Hair

We are here with easy 5-Minute Hairstyles for long hair to save time when you are in a hurry for office or other urgent work!

Remember when you had to pack in five minutes and do a beautiful hairdo on your head? You think you can’t spare a long hairstyle? You’re wrong! There are many hairstyles for long hair, in which it will not be more than 5 minutes. So don’t despair and.

5 Minute Hairstyles For Long Hair

No, it’s not about water, it’s about a cascade of hair. That’s what they call a hairdo that came from France. An excellent variant for smooth and curly hair. This hairstyle deserves a separate place for its simplicity and many variations. You can make a “waterfall” on one side, on both, on the side, in the middle, knit and put the remaining hair on the tail or package. Even inexperienced hands will face the task. Any hairstyle can be decorated with “Cascade”! You can safely experiment before you leave!

2. Hair In Five Minutes: It’s All About The Tail

It’s amazing how many different hairstyles you can do with a tail, and in just a few minutes. The tail can be divided into several parts, separating each with an elastic band. You can do a small comb to “lift” the top, or combine the tail and tissue! Choose, raise your tail or place it over your shoulder. Time to eat, up to 5 minutes, experience!

3. Weaving And Braids

If you have long hair, it’s a sin not to use it to create intricate Wicker hairstyles on your head. Even a common braid can help you when you’re not getting ready for a party or you’re late for work. Look at all the options! You don’t have to put all your hair on the braid, you can decorate it with a ponytail and loose curls, leaving a slight mess.

4. Twist The Bundle

What could be easier? And with it you will definitely be elegant and beautiful! This hairstyle has not gone out of style in many years, because it goes to almost everyone and adapts to any occasion! There are many variants of a group, the main thing is to try not to act as a gymnast (that group only goes for them). Don’t comb the curls too gently, add a lot of mild neglect. By the way, if you use fabrics (see above), your image will be even better! Arm yourself with heels and fight bravely!

5. Long Hair Hairstyles: Hairpins To Help

Just by stabbing some strands, it can completely change its image. Try it: take a thin thread on the left side and throw it to the right, stab it. Do the same from the other side. Two steps, and your hair is ready!

And now try the toughest, most confident choices, you can do it! Just a few simple moves, and you’re a romantic girl with beautiful hair.

6. A Shell Is Not Boring!

Another masterpiece, released thanks to French women. This hairstyle has long been ignored as boring ,but for nothing! Don’t make this mistake, this hairstyle is an excellent saving option. Besides, it doesn’t have to be monotonous. You can release the strands of your face and twist them, making the image more romantic. A sloppy housing decorated with accessories looks great. It cannot include all hair, leaving the good half dissolved. Create a shell in five minutes!

7. Be Excited

Why would you put your hair on a crazy haircut, shouldn’t you have lifted it for nothing? Arm yourself with a hairdryer and hairstyle products and create light waves! Separate the buckle and turn it into a scourge, moussala and dry it a little. Voila, your hair is ready! If you prefer to work as an iron, there is an option for you! Take a buckle, wrap it around your fingers, and the resulting bagel will buckle for a few seconds. We assure you that in 5 minutes you will be able to do it!

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