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Easy To Do DIY Ribbon Hairstyles for Cute Look

With the arrival of warm days, you will want to add freshness and lightness to your image. How do you do that? A simple but elegant way to do this is to decorate your hair with ribbon hairstyles.

Choosing Ribbons

Once you enter the sewing shop, you can see all the splendor of the tape. What are the right ones for you? The choice depends on the reason for creating the hairstyle and the style of the image: at work, at a party, on a date or, for example, at a wedding.

The hairstyle of the tape can be decorated with ribbons of any color and appearance:

Satin tapes
Pay attention to texture and material:

Ribbon Hairstyles : A Bow

So simple and multifunctional, the Arch has not lost its popularity until now. Being a very feminine decoration, it will discreetly emphasize the refinement and tenderness of its appearance.

To create a hairstyle, you can choose a bright colored ribbon that matches the tone of the clothes or the contrast. As variants of use, it is possible to consider several forms.

In combination with a night dress: silk or velvet.
For girlfriends and romantic girls – lace.
A classic image will be complemented with RA tapes

Bow On A High Tail

This approach will add an image of dynamism and a youthful environment, if you use a bright and cheerful tape.

Low Tail Bow

This form of hairstyle is suitable even for business style, if you choose, for example, a velvet hairstyle, narrow ribbon of a dark tone off. Stiffness and brevity are emphasized with a soft loop with short free ends.

Headband Bow Ribbon Hairstyle

A nice bow on a ribbon that ties around your head will create an image of a soft child. And if you wish, it is suitable for pin-up style or performing a puppet image in combination with a bright pink lipstick tone on the lips and eye makeup.

Braid Ribbon Hairstyle

A female hair like a braid can emphasize naturalness and simplicity. The Ribbon Decoration is an ancient Slavic tradition. A light image of a girl, accentuated by a silk ribbon, is suitable for walks in the countryside and rest.

Greek Ribbon Hairstyle

It is a good choice for both everyday life and celebrations. This very feminine hairstyle can be used even for the wedding hairstyle.

The Greek hairstyle is a combination of elegance and convenience. With a fairly easy performance, you can get a sophisticated hairstyle with hairstyle. Therefore, it is provided with the romanticism and urgency of an image.

Babette Hairstyle

If your hair is long and smooth, the baby will be a dignified ending to the female image. For the result to please you, your hair must be clean and your bangs cut evenly.

The tape for this style is used in the final stage, wrapping it around the head and tying it in the back of the head. Both satin and lace braid are suitable for head decoration. To keep the locks from falling, the hair is fixed with lacquer.

Two French Braids With Ribbon

To create a hairstyle of this type, you will need a long, thin ribbon that differs in color from the tone of your hair. First, all threads are collected in the tail and then begin to weave with the tape.

The tip of the braid can be fixed with an elastic band in tone, but it is even better to decorate it with a flower made of the same ribbon and supplemented with beads and lace.

Four Strand French Braid With Ribbon

Elegant hairstyle for owners of long hair. It is possible to add originality using not only a monochromatic tape, but also color prints.

Wrapped Tail Ribbon Hairstyle

For this type of hairstyle, the hair is collected on a low tail with a rubber band. A long ribbon is placed on the head in the form of an edge, and then braided with the same tail along the entire length.

Choosing one of these hairstyles or creating your own version with tapes will make you look very romantic. Pay attention to the harmonious combination of styling with style and makeup. Note: the ribbons are a female accessory that suits dresses more than jeans.

With this, we come to the end of this article on tape hairstyles. I hope you enjoyed this and decided on your favorite tape hairstyles to suit your style.

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