Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

Gold Chain Designs for Ladies, Gold is very trendy among all the women. These chain designs are low weight in gold and are classy to wear. These designs can be worn on any occasion. Most ladies will prefer these delicate and stylish designs.

1. Double Chain Leaf Pendant Chain

Gold Chain Designs for Ladies
Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

The elegant look comes with double chain style with a round stylish pendant dangling below and upper chain bearing stylish patterned leaflets. It will be a symbol of a classy and stylish look.

2. Gold Chain with Equal Patterned bunches

Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

Bunches in unique pattern go hand in hand with a fashion icon. Women wearing traditional jewellery should opt for this style. This design usually is worn on wedding occasions.

3. Beautiful Leaf chain

Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

Nature is always close to human and copying a delicate style from nature, never fails! The most demanding Leaf pattern is the first choice of 90% women.

4. Double Chain Design with Stones

Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

Stones are the charm for every woman. Some ladies don’t wear jewellery without stones. Our this style with accompanying both ‘the trend’ and ‘the taste’!

5. Simple Pendant Chain

Gold Chain Designs for Ladies

For the casual look, you always choose something easy to wear and comfortable to handle. To go with these requirements, women usually the choice for these style chains with a simple stone pendant.

6. Chain with Hanging Coins

Coins are the sign of ‘ROYALTY’ and this royalty is linked to women choice indeed! Royalty with simplicity makes a perfect combo to wear!

7. Chain with Golden Beads

Beads style chain looks beautiful on the neck. small sized beads endorsed within the chain beautify the jewellery you wear.

8. Long Chain with Pendant

The bridal look is always incomplete without this long beautiful chain. This ‘Rani Haar’ Style is traditional to many cultures. Bride looks gorgeous wearing the Maala style on her big day.

9. Square Pendant Chain

Decency and Simplicity always follow an intricate model. This design is a perfect go-to casual or party look, giving a fancy and unique touch to your personality.

10. Chain with Heart Lock Hoop Design

The heart is a symbol of Love and women are loving creatures as always. A heart belongs to a stylish jewellery lover. The check patterned chain with zip lock hearts gives a voguish look to your jewellery.

11. Chain with Hoop Style Pendant

Dangling pendant always attracts a person and have an eye-catching look. Hoop bearing stones looks perfect with stylish attire.

12. Light Chain with Leaf Hoop

Leaf Hoop style gives an ultra-modern touch to a women personality. Nature’s call and a combo in jewellery is a perfect contrast.

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