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Greek hairstyle for short hair (Step by step tutorial)

Short hair is no reason to give up hair experiments in favor of a simple style. Such length will be taken by curls and even braids. We have prepared a selection of seven simple and spectacular hairstyles, especially for owners of short hair. Step by step photos will help you master these simple Greek hairstyle techniques for short hair and always be on top.

Greek Braids Hairstyle

Easy to comb. It does not require any preparatory work, does not help with style and takes a minimum of time. Braids stay in shape for a long time, so your hair can accompany you even at longer events. The slightly released harnesses create a thick hair volume and effect. Hair will look great at weddings and other celebrations.

Bun of Braids

This hairstyle can accompany you all day, adapting to your lifestyle. In the afternoon, in the office, use a lump. And at night, going to the theater or the movies, gently lift your hair on top and release a couple of strands of hair on your face. Be sure to correct the lacquer effect.

Greek hairstyle for short hair: Volume on Top

Thin and hairless, it’s about the help of the scalp. Believe it on the top of your head. The Tufts in the temples should be slightly curved away from the face. When you’re done, don’t forget to use lacquer. The shorter the hair, the longer it will stay in shape.

Braid Headband Hairstyle

This incredibly simple hairstyle will look bright in romantic images and pastel-colored costumes. By fixing the harnesses, you can leave your hair straight or experience a little. Apply a texture balm to your fingers and slightly twist the locks throughout the length of your hair. A winning-win plan is maximum: elegant waves along all length. To do this, use a flat strip.

Greek hairstyle for short hair: A Knot

Incredibly simple, but a very interesting solution. The hair gives an image of joy, lightness and freedom of expression. Especially harmoniously will be seen with sets in the style of boho. Here we also offer to experiment with the main mass of hair. Give them light curls to flow, using tweezers. If time is limited, bat the hair under the knot with your hands and fix the lacquer effect.

Greek hairstyle for short hair:  Hair Bezel

If the hair on your face makes you uncomfortable, it’s your solution. The hairline along the hairline acts like a bezel and holds your hair perfectly. A hairdryer brush can help shape most of your hair

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