Hair fix in one single wash

Hair fix in one single wash
Hair fix in one single wash
Hair fix in one single wash

Hair fix in one single wash You know what’s worse than having a bad day? He’s having a bad day with too much fat on his scalp! Stress, hormones and environmental factors such as heat and pollution are the main causes of the accumulation of scalp waxy. And if you’ve been experiencing a similar hair situation, we’re pretty sure you’ve tried almost all the shampoos that promise to eliminate fat for now. If nothing has worked yet, it’s time to put your DIY beauty skills into practice.

The solution for the fatty scalp and hair lies in a mask to clear the hair.

Hair fix in one single wash

DIY hair mask recipe :

Step 1: Mix a tablespoon of bentonite clay and activated charcoal powder. Slowly add two tablespoons of apple vinegar.

Step 2: Once the formula burbs and becomes a liquid paste, it is time to apply the solution to your hair.

Step 3: Apply the mask to dry hair, covering each and every area of the scalp. Once you have covered the entire scalp with the mask, tie all your hair and cover it with a bathing cap.

Step 4: let the mask sit on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Step 5: then wash your hair well with shampoo, making sure there’s no residue left, and keep on with a conditioner.

Benefits of the ingredients

Bentonite clay: bentonite clay is rich in nutrients and minerals that not only help remove toxins from the scalp but also absorb the extra tallow produced by the scalp. Clay also prevents the growth of fungi, which is the main cause of dandruff in the hair.

Activated charcoal: the charcoal helps to detoxify the scalp to absorb dirt and oil buildup. Remove the impurities and thoroughly clean the pores to allow your hair to breathe. And the best part is that activated charcoal increases healthy hair growth!

Apple vinegar: ACV is full of vitamins, active ingredients, amino acids, and mineral salts, and has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It kills fungi in the scalp and cleans clogged pores and hair follicles, which are known to hinder hair growth.

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