Indian Celebrities Bridal Dresses

The most expensive wedding dresses in Bollywood. We all know what Bollywood celebrity weddings are like. With all of the settings are exquisite too expensive and exaggerated, all the dancers, musicians and artists prepared for the entertainment of the guests, the luxurious plates of food and snacks and, of course, the most important of all, Indian Celebrities Bridal Dresses

Diya Mirza:

The classic combination of green and fawn distinguishes it from its counterparts and made it an iconic theme for some of the best Indian celebrity weddings. The jewellery, the makeup, everything seemed to be very idyllic and realistic.

Shilpa Shetty:

The cost of four million rupees of the luxurious wedding tells a lot about how much was spent on what. And the bridal gowns overflowing with jewellery, ornaments and all the decoration clearly says that it was not in the range of almost anyone. What we can say is that four million rupees, the bride’s dress marked a lot.


Aishwarya’s wedding marked a milestone in the history of Bollywood weddings because it was probably the one where it instantly stood out that the bride and groom spent almost all their life savings. Therefore, you can not say that the unusually heavy decorated dress of the bride out less than half of the lacs.


The best of Kareena comes from some fashion news sources, which got her luxuriously expansive and legendary dress made by the work of the goddess of designers Manish Malhotra. The total of 10 wedding crore, which is approximately the most expensive wedding to date in Indian history, says a lot about how much they would have spent on the bride and groom’s attire.

Akshay Kumar:

The best designer brands at the time surely won a lot, and apparently worked a lot too, to make sure that the bride ended up with the heaviest and most luxurious dress. The dress seems to be hugely covered with elegant embroidery and threads. The jewellery is blooming in a gigantic way and everything else that a bride wants to wear at her wedding.


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