Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

Mehndi or henna, as they are known, are made of henna leaves and, when dried, the colour of the leaves on the skin in the exact form that was applied to the skin.

Mehndi’s designs help make your hands look beautiful and add beauty to the whole set. Mehndi has a large fan base and many girls and women are looking for reasons to apply mehndi in their hands. Let’s make it an everyday affair and take a look at some amazing mehndi designs from Mehendi from Zaina to apply on our hands.

1. Floral designs simple mehndi designs for hand

This is a nice mehndi design for girls and women. You can easily make this beautiful mehndi design. The design is very nice. The fingers are covered with beautiful floral designs. The design extends from the index finger to the base of the hand. This design consists of well-designed floral motifs ranging from the base of the backhand to the elbow of the woman. The design looks nice with lines, dots, curves and floral designs.

2. Unique curved simple mehndi designs for hands

This is a unique combination of the mandala and bel mehndi designs. Intricate mandala’s impeccable design with repetitive symmetrical stokes and delicate dots combined with a lush pattern in the middle makes the design worthy of theft as well as adding beauty. The double BHEL mehndi pattern is absolutely elegant and simple. The contoured pattern with combined floral motifs and a leafy pattern makes the design completely adorable. The circular flower buds look like a mirror that gives a bright look to the overall design. The amazingly beautiful edge engraved on the side of the hand with a ring-shaped pattern and leaf drop style makes the design extremely sensational and desirable. The space par excellence in the middle gives it a spectacular look. The index finger completely filled with a cross pattern and a growing bud finishes the design.

3. Chakra design, simple mehndi designs for hand

The very traditional mandala design with defined and highlighted circles with delicate dots along with a V-shaped bracelet design on the back of the wrist looks crisp and sublime. The V bracelet is provided with semicircle sets in an ordered pattern.

The bracelet design is elegantly embellished with a semicircular pattern with dots at the top to make it a perfect and deadly combination. Fingers are stuck with semicircles and cold checks. fine-tuning details along with delicate dots at the base of the fingers place it parallel to the mandala design that further embellishes it. This artistic piece recovers the cultural spirit of the henna. Combine it with brightly coloured nail paint and glass bangles to complement the beauty of folk art.

4. simple mehndi designs for hands

Mandala mehendi’s fascinating design with interlocking curved point chains is the perfect motivation for all Indian grand weddings. It captivates you with different lush and fascinating ring style patterns built into the mehndi mandala. The seductive dimming stripes to the bowels of the leafy chain to the V-band on the fingers make it more attractive. The fascinating design with a shaded leaf pattern provides a spectacular view, while the work of double flowers makes it elegant and geometric. The perfect dark and light stripes within the leaves make it more colourful and charming. Hypnotizing the dotted pendant chain around the mandala gives it life and makes the design irresistible.

5. Unique and simple mehndi designs for hand

This is a very charming mehndi design for the back. The mehndi pattern is beautifully outlined in an intricate central flower motif that extends with jhala work on both sides of the flower with a lush edge. The simple outlines of the leaves on the index finger are the symbol of prosperity. This unique design of hands-free henna works wonderfully for every occasion and is suitable for daily use. It adopts a matching nail paint to enhance the appearance.

6.simple floral lacy mehndi designs for hand

The simple floral design of mehndi lace is the ultimate piece. This fine mehndi design with proper spacing and minimal stripes and colours is relatively the new trend. Mehendi’s contoured design with several curves and earrings looks totally different and incomparable. The semicircular and dotted chains around the contour lines encourage aesthetic beauty.

7.Beautiful and simple mehndi designs for hand

This is the remarkable simple mehndi design for rear hands. The Bheel style Mehendi has been drawn with intricate details. The paisley pattern adorned with mehndi flowers makes it look charming.

In addition to this, it emphasizes the importance of traditional mehndi. The large, small and smaller leafy pattern of the leaves synchronized with jhali’s work in the middle of the backhand leaves an eternal and eye-catching look at the hand. Combine it with fashionable nail colours and eye-catching ornaments.

8. Mandala simple mehndi designs for hands

The traditional but design mehndi design gives an attractive look to your hands. The central flower highlighted with dark and light lines between the pattern and the leaves at the edge looks amazing.
The dark and light horizontal stripes in combination with vertical lines ending with dots and leaves give it a lace look and it seems that all fingers are covered with rings. Similarly, the semicircular pattern on the left hand starting from the bold and light semicircular points and lines along with the leafy leaf accompanying jhaali and ending with a continuous pattern of flowers look wonderful.

9. Enriched and simple mehndi designs for hand

This simple and beautiful mehndi design is perfect for all occasions. The henna bracelet design is an absolutely unique concept. The structure of the henna temple with dark and highlighted pictures looks completely impressive. The henna mid-palm design with extended bracelet cover itself is an absolute exception.

Bands with alternating leaves and dots and simple lines give the effect of bracelets. Well-filled fingers that start from V-cuts to semicircular patterns and attractive buds and eventually end with delicate spots.

10. Beautiful and simple mehndi designs for hands

Beauty lies in simplicity. This is a very simple mehndi design for hands for henna lovers. Its simplicity attracts the attention of all people. It consists of a repetitive geometric semicircular design that starts from the base of the palm and extends to the tip of the fingers.

The half Palm style with leaf loot edge gives you an attractive and attractive look. You can wear ring jewellery and handflower for rock and roll.

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