Mehndi Designs Henna

The Mehndi Designs Henna Tradition In Pakistan

Mehndi Designs Henna Occasions in Pakistan:

Mehndi Designs Henna can be used in several traditional designs. Especially in Pakistan, it is the most preferred form of skin decoration practiced on several occasions to express the gesture of happiness and celebrate different events. In Pakistan, there are different types of Mehndi designs applied by girls, and they make creative designs using a simple Mehndi cone. Some of the designs of Mehndi are Arab, Arm Mehndi, Full Hand Mehndi, Easy Arm Mehndi Designs Henna, the detailed Design of Mehndi, Design, difficult Mehndi Pattern and arm Mehndi, etc Mehndi’s simple designs in Arabic are also popular in Pakistan.

Mehndi Designs Henna

Women and girls apply Mehndi on different occasions. The occasion of Mehndi in Pakistan are Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-UL-Azha. In EID, young and old all women apply Mehndi on their hands and feet. Some prefer a simple circle and fill their fingers with Mehndi, while others prefer Mehndi’s latest designs.

Mehndi Designs Henna

Latest Mehndi In Pakistan:

The latest Mehndi in Pakistan is embroidered Mehndi, Mehndi Mona, Black Mehndi Art, Dark Bridal Mehndi, Arabic Bridal Mehndi and Bridal Mehndi for Feet, etc.)

Mehndi is extracted from one plant and then mixed with fragrance and several other mixes to give a darker impression of the design by washing hands and feet. It is then packed in a plastic cover cone and sold in markets at a very cheap price that can be paid by any part of society. In fact, it’s the only product that every woman likes, even if she doesn’t like cosmetics. Parties, annual functions and occasions such as Eid and wedding ceremonies are the most common events for Mehndi’s use. Women also apply Mehndi on hair, as it is the best conditioner, it is natural and gives not only brightness but also varied colors.

Mehndi Designs Henna
Mehndi Designs Henna


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