Pearl Gemstone Gold Jewellery

Gone are the days when jewels were associated with ornaments and symbolized social status. The jewels that have existed since the time of civilization have undoubtedly undergone many changes and transformations in terms of uses, symbolic and real uses. The brides of the sixties and seventies were always dressed in heavy jewellery according to their financial situation and the display of very heavy jewellery had been a trend of these times in full mutation. Pearl Gemstone Gold Jewellery:

Pearl Gemstone Gold Jewellery

Now fashion and jewelry trends go hand in hand. Jewellery changes shape according to fashion. The Indian jewellery industry, synonymous with tradition, has also been changing over time, and the entire jewellery industry is facing changing design and shape requirements. This is where the origin of designer jewelry appears. With the increase in the per capita income of the Indians, the sumptuous lifestyle and its tastes are very present in society and thus make vibrate the tastes and requirements of traditional jewelry in fashion. Thus, with the luxury of gold, the designer jewels are matched by the purity of gold and the elegant designs of the designers.

Luxury brands are built on the cult of the designer, on the fascination of the consumer for the vision and worlds created by them. Consumers are looking for designers who understand the status of gold as the ultimate creative material and create pieces that summarize their values and dreams. ”States David Lamb, managing director of the World Gold Council.

Why designer jewellery is trending high?

Double advantage – while jewelry serves as a status symbol in society, designer jewelry, on the other hand, serves as both ornamental and storage, and has the privilege of being filled with praise from all corners and down for the latest ethnic creations.

  • The biggest growth factor in the Indian luxury market – the growth of the Indian luxury market is mainly in luxury jewellery and watches. As a result, more and more international companies are also investing in it, allowing the market to taste global trends and tastes.
  • The shrinking bridge between diamonds and gold – the decline in Diamond and gold prices is another important factor in the rising trend of designer jewellery. For example, the Indian consumer is also interested in the international diamond jewellery designer.
  • Design will now be an intrinsic value – with the fusion of fashion and luxury, the jewellery market will see the new perception of design become the intrinsic value rather than the carat and quantity metrics.
  • Consumer preference – with the concept of intrinsic design values, consumers are ready to open their pockets if they have the International and global touch in designs designed by international designers.

Factors Affecting These Trends:

Pearl Gemstone Gold Jewellery

Jewelry trends in India depend on regions. A young girl from North India would have different tastes and perspectives when buying jewelry rather than the young girl from South India.

  • Religion also affects tastes and preferences to some extent.
  • North India is more focused and exclusive on its jewellery requirements and preferences. A North Indian wife would prefer to have her own unique jewelry.
  • In South India, fine and complex gold jewellery has always been sought after by brides during marriage. This time, the shapes and designs would be lighter and lighter.
  • While the ornaments of the previous era weighed at least 150 to 300 grams, the average weight of bridal jewelry this year preferred by wives be lowered to 50-60 grams.

What is trending high these days?

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