Rakhi & Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Hands

Rakhi & Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Hands, also called henna around the world, perhaps a pasta generally related to Destiny and positivism. It’s one of the oldest types of human-made body art. Girls and women charge their hands and feet with this pasta on auspicious occasions. Whether it’s weddings or festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej or Eid, Mehendi is a particularly appreciated occasion and thanks to the ladies who dive on the occasion with their beautifully loaded hands. While some girls faint for their aromatic fragrance, others completely love their hands adorned with beautiful and complex mehendi styles. But now, because time has advanced and people have become more busy, here we bring you some easy mehendi designs for your hands.

Mehendi paste comes from the small, dry leaves of the henna plant to illuminate a person’s body. The leaves are dried in the sun and then ground to induce a fine, inexperienced powder covered with Moss. It is then mixed with an adequate amount of water, lemon juice and several drops of essential oil to obtain an elegant paste. The pasta is soaked all night for the infusion of all ingredients and then poured into an extremely plastic cone for application. In addition, the word ‘Mehendi ‘is originally derived from a Sanskrit word’ Mendhika ‘ which is mentioned to the henna plant itself. Here are some beautiful special mehendi designs from Rakhi & Eid for hands that will knock you out.

Rakhi & Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Hands

As mentioned above, girls sometimes adorn their hands and feet with impressive mehendi styles. But now, even cancer patients who lose hair growth are making the most of this natural paste to brighten the bald scalp. Mehendi paste has no color experience, however, the quality color it leaves on the skin is brown. However, with advances in mehendi’s styles and techniques, colors such as white and gold are used. You will find many impressive mehendi designs, but if you are confused about what to choose from, here we have selected a list of easy mehendi designs for hands especially for you.

Now we understand that it can be really difficult for beginners to draw mehndi by themselves. Therefore, taking this into account, here we have also provided video tutorials with pictorial steps that will allow you to better understand. So, without further ado, let’s start with mehndi’s special designs Easy Rakhi & Eid for hands.

1. Eid Special Flowers Mehendi Design

Rakhi & Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Hands

Flowers and parsley are something you can’t stay away from. No Mehendi design is complete without these patterns and here we also have a similar design for you. Starting from well below your wrist, you have a huge flower with a plaid pattern. Besides that, we have a paisley design. Then you have some swirls and lines followed by a half flower with a grid pattern. The same design is repeated in the palm as well. For the fingers, we also have some paisleys and swirls. It is a design Mehendi hand full that is amazing for every occasion. To facilitate your task, we have also attached a video. Therefore, you can consult it and create your own mehndi design without problems.

2. Latest Mehndi Design for Hands

This is a work of art so contemporary that it is greatly favored by the brides of all time. It also starts from a little under the wrist and reaches the fingertips. This design is a beautiful mixture of parsley, leaves, some eddies, and a peacock is also visible. The design may seem difficult to recreate, but once you see the video you will see how simple it is. All mehndi art is a beautiful game of bold strokes. So, if you’re a girlfriend or a girlfriend, this design will be perfect for you. This will improve the look of all your wedding dress and makeup and hold you to a completely new level.

3. Rakhi Special Mehndi Design for Hands

Rakhi & Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Hands

Mehndi jewelry styles are an excellent choice to produce a complex variety of hand and foot jewelry. Henna styles of jewelry became widespread among girls of all ages and cultures. They have become a vital feature of beauty beautification for weddings and alternative ceremonial events. Young women who don’t need to wear serious jewelry prefer to get mehndi styles in a very similar way. Instead of carrying serious objects of gold or silver, it is comfortable to possess complex mehndi styles. Here’s one of those designs for you. Start on your wrist in a diagonal pattern. The whole wrist is covered with floral forms that are then attached with a beads necklace to the ring finger. The other fingers have a fairly minimalist design to allow the ornament to shine.

4. Rakhi Mehndi Design for Back Hand

A drag pattern is another popular Mehendi design. These patterns look simply beautiful and are perfect for all those women who don’t want a complicated design on their hands but want it to look completely covered. Here we have one of those patterns that involve nothing but waves, curved lines, some beads, and leaves. The design starts from the wrist to the fingers. The fingers instead of containing a different design act as a continuation of the previous one. On the empty side, you will also find a half-point Arch if there are swirls, beads, and leaves that give your hand a more complete appearance. Perfect for any occasion. For your better understanding, we have also provided a video.

5. Stunning and beautiful mehndi design

Rakhi & Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Hands

Mehendi’s diagonal designs are another popular feature of this magnificent work of art. It follows an S-shaped pattern and looks completely fascinating. The design we have is a masterpiece and one of its kind. The main hero of this design is the Leaf test that follows a diagonal pattern and reaches the index finger. To enhance the beauty of the leaves, it is bordered by a swirling design pattern. To further elevate the style we have a bracelet that follows a similar pattern. For the fingers, we have an intricate semicircular pattern that looks beautiful. Don’t you like to wear heavy hand ornaments? Get rid of them for this spectacular design.

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