Romantic Makeup To look Fabulous

The fashionable podiums in New York, London, and Paris this season featured the most daring makeup ideas. These are flowers on the face, stained makeup, black and white lips. After filtering out all the most shocking things, we picked up 7 trends that can be applied right now or tonight. Let see Romantic Makeup look Fabulous!

Makeup Tips

Orange and Red Smokey

The Romantic Makeup To look Fabulous guys added pigment to the usual tuxedo, and we got a bright-colored makeup. In the trend shades orange and red: Bordeaux, crimson, pink. They can only be shadows or a successful combination with graphic arrows. Watch out, such bright makeup requires quiet lip makeup.

Romantic Makeup To look Fabulous

Wet Effect

There’s a damp glow in the trend! Your skin will be given all kinds of high levels. This effect guarantees a healthy and fresh appearance of the face. Organically, this amount of highlight will be seen in combination only with moderate nude makeup. Otherwise, you will have the impression that there is an excess of cosmetics on your face and the image promises to be artificial.

Egyptian Arrows

The inherited tendency of ECB is a magnificent game of shooting at Cleopatra. Such makeup allows you to show an artistic fantasy and create something of your own. It can be a laconic oblong arrow from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes or intricate curls on the upper eyelid. Try it!

Romantic Makeup To look Fabulous

Glitter on the Lips

Another self-sufficient trick is a lip gloss. Here it is necessary to save in shadows, blushes. The bodies will be enough to make a harmonious and complete makeup. The reach of these bright lips is limited, but the spectacular appearance at the club or at a party is guaranteed.

Grey Lipstick

Namely, the shade of dusty asphalt in combination with a naked makeup. But even here you can show Fantasy without breaking the trend. There are many shades of grey with purple, pink, brown and Bordeaux tones in the assortment. If the lonely gray color on your face seems boring, fill it with colored eye makeup.

Romantic Makeup To look Fabulous

Makeup on the Lower Eyelid

If there’s nothing left before the party and there’s no time for full makeup, this trend will save you. It is sufficient to apply a colored eyeliner or shade to the lower eyelid and correct the effect of the ink. Needless to say, how amazing this makeup looks in combination with graphic arrows.

Large Arrows

We work only with the upper eyelid, leave the lower one intact and draw a large-scale arrow with a wide brush. We experiment not only with color but also with the media. It can be dust and liquid shadows, eyeliner. We remind you that such catchy makeup is combined with a moderate lip wash.


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