Safari Style Clothing Trends: Let The Journey Begin

Safari style has long been a classic summer in fashion, so urban jungle girls actively use it. The general idea of this trend in clothing is practicality and convenience. Safari is a “descendant” of a tropical military uniform, so he has much in common with the military style. However, this is not the same. Safaris are more functional and more comfortable, therefore they are characterized by looser volumes and some negligence, such as: naked fabrics, cuffs on sleeves or pants, scratches on leather surfaces or suede. Patch pockets, laces, big buttons on clothes: all this is also characteristic of this style. Another important difference: in clothes and accessories in the safari style, attributes such as stripes, stripes, stripes, badges, which are peculiar to the military style are not used.

Safari Style Clothing Trends

Colors, Prints and Materials

One of the main features of this clothing style is considered natural colors: all shades of clay, Terracotta, khaki, sand and Burnt Savannah fit well at the base of the safari style. However, in recent years, this style has become increasingly impregnated with bright colors. This season, natural tones can be combined with bright colors.

As for prints, it is more appropriate to use animalistic drawings and stylized plant prints that resemble tropical plants.

Classic safari style are natural materials: cotton, linen, chamois and leather. However, some items of clothing may be made from other fabrics such as gauze and Silk.

Dresses and Overalls

The Safari style has long since moved into urban everyday life and dresses, without exception. The dresses and monkeys made in this style are very comfortable, they also look elegant and sexy. The accent on the waist will decorate the look. To do this, you can choose a classic brown leather belt with a simple buckle or belt that repeats any animal pattern. Sandals-gladiators or sandals in a cork wedge will complete the picture conceived.

Blusas, Chaquetas, Chalecos

The main items in the African-style cabinet are a jacket or shirt with the imitation epaulets made of thick cotton or linen. They combine perfectly with jeans of all styles. Add a loose cotton T-shirt, a large, spacious bag or a sand-colored backpack, shoes: slip or shoes with sturdy heels with a leopard pattern and the picture will be ready.

In the urban jungle, only elements of this style of clothing, such as blouses and vests, look more appropriate. Combining them with jeans, pants or skirts of any length, you get a moderate image and at the same time real time.

Shorts, Skirts and Pants

Bulky short pants with fists, skirts with patch pockets, free-cut pants and galleys are tools that can be used to create a particularly contemporary look. Combining them with T-shirts, sweaters and blouses of classic colors, such as black and white, we get a comfortable and at the same time interesting image. For the bravest girls, we recommend a small tropical or animal note for the intended outfit. The perfectly selected sunglasses will help you to express your individuality and complement your image.


An integral part of any image are cleverly selected accessories. The accents placed competently help to complete the conceived aspect, making it unique and interesting. The Safari style thanks the use of accessories in the image. They can be executed not only in classic natural tones, but also in African brightness. Hats or turbans can become an important element in the image.


When dressed in safari style, you should give preference to shoes made of natural materials. It should be noted that the shoes should be chosen comfortable, they fit perfectly to the leg. Shoes without heels or with low heels, as well as sandals and sandals with shoelaces or on the platform: these are the options that characterize this style.

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