Science Explains How Being Angry Makes You Gain Weight

Anger isn’t just yelling and sulking. There are 3 types of iras. And each of them has its own symptoms, which include, for example, self-cloaking, risky behaviors, false tears, and many others. Therefore, anger is not as simple as it seems. And his influence on us can be far more serious than an argument and a spoiled night. One of the side effects is excessive weight gain.

We can all be angry from time to time. But being constantly in this state can be detrimental to your weight. we would like to tell you why your anger is worth controlling.

It all starts with adrenaline

Anger manifests not only in our emotional state, but also in the chemical processes of our body. When we get angry, it releases adrenaline . It serves to prepare us to “fight or run.” It activates and causes anxiety.

Because of the flow of blood from the internal organs to the muscles, we cannot feel hungry while we are angry. But this only has a short-term effect.

After the adrenaline level decreases, we feel the need to replenish the lost energy and begin to desire and eat food. But because of the fact that we are anxious, this can lead us to resort to emotional and senseless feeding . This means that we could eat something that is not good for us, that will bring us joy and comfort , regardless of whether it is healthy for us or not.

What you can do

Follow your diet and stop every time you realize that you are full. This will help prevent weight gain. Try not to eat to deal with stress.

Our anxiety is a main reason for stress

Anxiety increases stress . Because of this, the level of the hormone cortisol increases . In addition to being harmful to the heart and blood pressure, it also affects our weight.

Cortisol turns blood sugar into fat and inhibits digestion. And as a result it leads to weight gain and fat form that can be harmful to our health.

What you can do

Throw away your negative emotions with an active hobby . Go to the gym, exercise, or take a walk in the park. This will help you change your mood and gather your thoughts.

we lose appetite control

Stress in turn leads to trouble sleeping. When we don’t get enough sleep, we don’t have energy. And we are more likely to fill it with carbohydrates , which are contained in sweet drinks, sweets and other unhealthy foods.

At the same time, it’s harder for us to control ourselves. Lack of sleep disrupts the functioning of hormones that control appetite.

What you can do

Find a way to restore harmony in your life . This can be reading, meeting friends, doing your favorite activity, or anything else that gives you pleasure and peace.

How often do you feel angry? What other reasons for weight gain do you know? Share your thoughts with others in the comments.


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