Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes
Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes
Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes can reveal a lot about a person. A woman’s shoes are very important. Women tend to have special shoes for each special occasion. Speaking of occasions, how can we forget weddings? Weddings are the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life and everything should be perfect. It’s like a dream come true for every woman on this earth.

This day occurs only once in a lifetime and therefore nothing can go wrong. Everything must be in order and nothing can live up to perfection. The wedding season is on and you will see the families busy and bustling to make everything go well. While most women spend their time thinking about their attire and makeup, many are tormenting their brains over their shoes. Naturally, what is the use of designer attire if it does not match it correctly with the right footwear?

If you think no one’s gonna decode all the layers and no one’s gonna look under your heavy lehenga, you’re wrong. Footwear plays a very integral role in performing any outfit. It can provide the right amount of peculiarity required for your outfit. You can wear shoes that match your outfit or you can also make a statement by choosing something bold and beautiful.

Khussa fashion wedding designs
In this article, we will share with you some of the latest and modern wedding Khussa designs that are essential for each bride. These Khussa are customizable and you can customize them according to your taste. So, without further ado, let’s explore Talking Toe’s wedding Khussa designs.

1. Name printed Khussa Shoes :

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes
Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

What could be more beautiful than embedding their names in their shoes? A custom Khussa shoes for each bride. This will show your love for your husband. Every man loves to be his wife’s identity and during weddings, he is even more special. So make your husband happy by placing him in love and making him your identity. The bride here holds Khussa shoes adorned in dark pink with its two printed names. A nice show of love every bride must-have.

2. Letter printed Khussa shoes :

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes
Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

Another beautiful Khussa shoes with the groom’s name printed. The bride here is holding green Khussa shoes that match perfectly with her green attire. Everything about this look is so mixed and synchronized, but the best thing about the whole look is its classic Khussa shoes. If you have a theme planned for your wedding, it’s perfect, but if you haven’t, just go with the groom’s name printed on your Khussa shoes. Simple and elegant is what you can say about this design.

3. Designer Pink Bow Chappal:

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

If you don’t want printed name shoes, then go get a chappal. Juttis might feel uncomfortable in this hot, scorching summer. The chapels, on the other hand, are really spacious and bright and super comfortable to stay all day. Here our girlfriend holds a nice roasted chappal with a pink ribbon made. The Bow says nautanki bride, which is a very funny thing to wear. Perfect Kolhapuri for every Nautanki bride.

4. Kolhapuri shoes:

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

This is another fun chappal kolhapuri for fun-loving brides. There are two varieties of chapters as we see in the image. The first has a black ribbon and the other has a red ribbon with some ornaments on the finger holder. The chappal says Nakhre wali. So, for all those brides who have a small amount of Nakhra and want to give a prior warning to their boyfriends, this is perfect. Use it and present it with pride.

5. Embellished shoes:

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

Here are another name printed shoes. But this time it’s the bride’s name. It’s your wedding, why should you name someone other than yours? It’s very important to love yourself before you love others and our girlfriend she’s doing exactly that. Flaunting your own initials on your wedding day is a perfect display of self-respect. The shoes are a beautiful fuchsia pink color with light ornaments and some Bell details on the edges.

6. Teal blue shoes:

Top 10 Bridal Khussa Shoes

Another nice shoe with the groom’s name on it. The shoes here are a beautiful greenish-blue color with a mosaic design of the groom’s name. These shoes also have light ornaments with Bell details. A perfect way to beautify those painted feet of Mehendi. If you want to do something new and unique on your wedding day, definitely opt for this shoe with a printed name.

7. Pink embellished shoes:

A nice pair of pink shoes has arrived on our list. How can you ignore and avoid the Rose on your wedding day? A wedding is about love and the pink color symbolizes that. A beautiful pair of pink shoes with Pataka Dulhan printed on it. If you think this sentence suits you, take these shoes right now. The jutti also has ornaments and Bell details. Use it and flaunt your inner pataka.

8. Pataka Kuri shoes:

What’s a wedding without a little glitter? This Kolhapuri chappal can really cheer up your outfit. It takes the right amount of brightness and brightness. Nothing exaggerated and nothing that gets your audience’s attention for all the wrong reasons. The combination of gold and pink is perfect for this occasion. So use this Pataka Kudi blingy if you think you’re one.

9. Denim shoes:

Denim is everywhere this season. You’ll see a lot of mixers this year, from jackets to dresses and even bags. So why should shoes stay away from him? Here’s the perfect choice for you to incorporate denim into your shoes. A denim kola puri chappal who says nautanki Dulha is perfect for a wedding. The chappal has a frayed hem that is another tendency to follow. A perfect combination of style and trend with just a little fun, which makes this pair so possible. So try this if you think your boyfriend is Nautanki.

10. Peach-toned shoes :

Another Pataka Dulhan flaunting her partner at her mehndi ceremony. This is a beautiful peach pink perfect for summers. So, if you’re planning a summer wedding, definitely pick this pair. The color is pleasant and relaxing for the eyes compared to those striking and strong colors. The shoes have subtle ornaments and Bell design around the edges. Flaunt your feet laden with Mehendi with this beautiful shoes.

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