Top 14 Cool and Unique Ear Piercings Ideas

Unfortunately, without additional efforts to achieve this, it is almost impossible. It is possible to emphasize your own individuality and attract the attention of others with inexpensive means. For this, the piercing of the ears is perfect. You say it hurts and looks like a teenager. But before you think about it, take a look at these amazing ear piercing options. The main thing, in this case, trust the real professional and follow all recommendations for piercing care. Top 14 Cool and Unique Ear Piercings Ideas:

1. Double piercing

For such piercing, it will not be difficult to find suitable earrings, as in most cases in jewelry shops they are in bulk, for any color and taste. With a minimalist design, it can stand out in the crowd.

2. Double Piercing of the Earlobe with an Additional Tragus

Puncture the tragus: this is one of the varieties of ear piercing, which is otherwise called perforation of the tragus: cartilage dense. Drilling of this area is now quite common, but it is difficult to decide on it, as the cartilage puncture is an unpleasant procedure and the healing process lasts between 3 and 9 months. But in combination with a double puncture, the ear lobe of the drink seems unmatched.

3. Triple ear lobe piercing with a tragus

An alternative variant of the combination “shot perforation” is a triple lobe puncture with an additional shot puncture. In fact, you can pierce the lobe as many times as you want. Along with a small cartilage puncture, this will look unusual.

4. Tragus piercing with multiple piercings of the lobe

Another example of an earlobe puncture with a drink. It will be nice for all those who prefer to buy multipurpose games of small containers that can be combined with each other.

5. Double Orique Piercing

Orique is another type of ear cartilage puncture. Oriole is located on the outside of the curl of the atrium right in the middle. This piercing looks refined and elegant.

6. Helix Piercing

Helix is a puncture of cartilage at the top of the ear curl. This perforation is considered quite simple and feels like a lumbar puncture in the pain. However, a helix is characterized by a long and painful period of healing, from 3 to 9 months. Ideal for Fashion Earrings.

7. Double piercing of the lobule with a single helix

The piercing variant for all those who prefer to combine earrings, but differ in originality.

8. Helix Piercing with additional anti-Helix

An anti-propeller is a cartilage puncture just above the drink. Like the usual propeller, this puncture is almost painless, but with a long period of healing. Special attention should be paid to anti-propeller for those with long hair, as jewelry often attaches to hair and may inadvertently damage the ear.

9. Piercing tragus with anti-helix

A great combination of piercings for everyone who likes to be in the spotlight. Of course, not everyone will be willing to risk such a prick, but it’s worth it.

10. Double anti-helix piercing

Such drilling will require patience in the puncture and healing stage, but most likely you will fall in love with it as soon as you see it.

11. Triple anti-Helix piercing

Another advanced version of anti-helix for adventurers. but most likely he’ll fall in love with her as soon as he sees her. Top 14 Cool and Unique Ear Piercings Ideas:

12. Double helix piercing with additional triple anti-helix

But a clear contender between piercing combinations in the category “what about you, weak?”. It looks great, but thoughts about the discomfort experienced for a long time won’t let you.

13. Double piercing of earlobe with double helix and triple anti-helix

The Bezbashenny version of the ear piercing for all extreme sports lovers will add vivid emotions to your life.

14. Dais piercing

One of the simplest and most affordable ear piercing varieties. The puncture is done through the protuberance of the cartilage located right in front of the ear canal. Dace is thought to be an easy piercing to perform. But to heal relatively quickly, you must communicate with drilling professionals. There is a small advantage for those who decide on a puncture. Many claim that after drilling they managed to get rid of migraines and severe headaches, and periodically feel a sense of pleasure.

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