Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress

Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress

Girls, we all know that the wedding dress is not a dress, but the emblem of our tradition and, honestly, the second most important thing to decide before the wedding day. Therefore, it is indeed crucial to dig deep and find the right designer that fits your tastes and needs in order to bring you the best dress for your big day. We in Oyeyeah bring you the top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dresses in Pakistan, so get ready to explore their wonderful works:

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List of top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress:

Saira Shakira: The SairaShakira wedding collections convey sweet feminine energy with intricate details and embellishments that respond to the diversity of each bride’s unique taste for the perfect dress. Discover some of their dresses below:

Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress
Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress

Fahad Hussayn: Fahad Hussayn’s approach to wedding dresses can be seen as a touch of bright colors associated with traditional embroidery work and delicate beads for a unique look for his brides. Take a look below:

Deepak Perwani: Surely you have heard of the famous Deepak Parwani a name that clearly does not need to be presented. Although reputed to have revolutionized male fashion in Pakistan, Deepak Perwani is reputed to have made some of the breathtaking wedding dresses that truly fascinate and captivate. See for yourself below:

Nomi Ansari: After graduating in fashion in 2001, Nomi dedicated his life to becoming one of the most famous designers in the country. His work, in simple terms, is described as the combination of colors to create magic:

Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress

Hassan Shehryar Yasin: Hassan Shehryar Yasin is undoubtedly one of the most established fashion designers in the country. Begun as a wedding and ceremonial outfit, HSY works to associate Oriental traditionalism with Western modernism.

Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress

These are beautiful Top 5 Pakistani Bridal Dress.

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