Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set

Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set, Bangles are the traditional signature style of Indian culture. They are rigid bracelets for women. They are the traditional form of jewellery mostly worn by Indian women. Bangles are normally made of metal, wood, glass or plastic. It’s really common to see newly brides wearing bangles especially of Gold, Silver and of glass. It is the symbol of auspiciousness of the sanctity of marriage. They don’t find it good to be barehanded after marriage. Bangles are also worn by young girls especially of gold and silver.

1: Glass Bangles

Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set
Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set

Glass bangles are the most common yet most beautiful ones. These are normally worn by married women, as it is the sign of happy marriage. They comprise of different colours so they can be easily paired with all the dresses.

2: Gold Bangles

Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set
Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set

Bangles made from gold are expensive and a sign of wealth. It depends upon the wearer how they like to wear them. Sometimes they are thin and in pair of 6 bangles, or they can be worn in a pair of 2 and 4. It depends upon the wearer they how much weight they want them to be. The weight of these bangles is upon the grams of gold use in it to form it. It’s the Indian culture to must give gold bangles to the bride on her marriage.

3: Colorful Bangles

Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set

Bangles have almost in all the colours so this is also one of the facts that they have significant importance in jewellery because all women love the pair their dress with their jewellery. So bangles make it easy for them. Especially young girls love to wear colourful bangles. 

4: Silver Bangles

Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set

Most women are allergic to imitation jewellery and if they wear so, it leaves the stains or either swelling appears. So wearing some natural metal is always a good choice. After all how women can leave the fashion and love for the bangles behind. Bangles made of silver are commonly worn as casual.

5: Customize Bangles

Top Ten Beautiful Bangles Set

This is the best thing in bangles, that the women and get them to customize as per their choice. They can add thick bangles on both sides known as karay. They can add different colours into it and either add tussles too.

6: Multicolor Silk Thread Bangles

These bangles are of glass or of metal as well. The multicolour silk threads are wrapped around them. They make them looks so different yet so attractive. Some have only colourful threads wrapped around them and some do have pearls and rhinestones too.

7: Tussles Bangles

The bangles can be customized with tussles too. It depends upon the wearer how long them want the tussles to be in bangles like for brides are large and heavy. For casual use they are small and not too long so it can be easily worn on simple occasions.

8: Kundan Bangles

We all know how pretty Kundan looks, and when the bangles are decorated with them they add so much glamour to them. These are especially worn on some special and unique occasions. They literally give the royal looks and look too much gorgeous.

9:  Pearl Bangles

Pearls itself are the sign of royalty. When they are wrapped upon bangles and paired with colourful glass bangles, they look so pretty in hands. And they are usually in white so they go with all colour dress, however colourful peals are also a good choice to add them with bangles.

10: Steel Bangles

As the love for wearing the bangles can easily get seen not only in women but in young girls too. So the steel bangles are a good choice, as in glass bangles there is a risk of broking them, and that can also injure the wrist so to fulfil the desire of wearing them and also to get safe it’s the best choice for young girls to wear steel bangles either in one or multicolour.

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